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re: Odyn - Trial of Valor




Fatboss video below:


Icyveins Odyn abilities


3 Phase fight


Phase 1

Fight Hymdall and Hyrja- have them tanked on opposite ends of room 35 yards apart of each other. 99% damage reduced if they are within 35 yards of each other.

get them both to 25% health at the same time. 


Hyrja - all Melee will be on this boss

 - Shield of light- fixates a player and sends a beam of light at them, splits damage amongst players that stand in it. all melee get in front of the beam.

- expel light - debuff on single player, when it expires does damage to players next to you. spread


Hymdall - all range will be on this boss 

- Horn of Valor - does AoE and splash damage to people next to each other, range stay spread 

- Dancing Blades - picks a target, throws blade in your location, dont stand in it


Runebearers - the 5 runes in the room will light up, 5 adds will fixate 5 random raid members. run the add to the rune that is above their head and dps the add down in the rune. if they are not killed before Odyn casts his ability he will wipe us.

Phase 2


Odyn comes in to the fight - 

Tanks - odyn gets a stacking attack speed buff each time he hits the same player - taunt off on 5 stacks (we can adjust this if needed)

Runebearers still will come out


Spear of light - ( watch out for the orbs that spawn )

we will need to have the tank that is not on odyn break the spears one at a time so that when Odyn casts shatter spears we do not get overwhelmed. 


When we shatter the spear it will do AoE damage to entire raid group.


Phase 3 - 55% life

cleansing flame - areas of the room will fill up with flame and not be able to stand in that area


storm of justice - players will be targetted with a debuff, when the debuff expires a tornado will spawn - put the tornado against a wall.



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