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re: Guarm - Trial of Valor




Single phase encounter, very tight DPS check. 


Guardian Breath - Fire breath cone, shadow breath cone, water breath cone. Every raid member needs to get hit by one of the cones - damage is split among the number of members in the same cone as yourself. Once you get hit by a breath you get a debuff in which you need to stand in the same type of breath throughout the encounter. if you stand in a different breath you are dead.


Tanks - face boss toward range DPS. Tanks stack on top of each other as the boss will cleave damage to the next closest player to yourself. Range be 25 yards away from the boss, melee be behind the boss.


Boss will do a knockback of all players in Melee range, then leap at the largest clump of players and stun them, after melee gets knocked back stack back up on each other so the boss leaps to melee dps. Tanks re position thereafter.

Range - 25 yards away due to boss ability - Flashing fangs. 



Stay spread 5 yards apart as the boss does a lick ability - will debuff players with one of the three elements - shadow lick, fire lick, water lick. 

The lick debuff will spread to players within 5 yards of yourself.

- shadow lick debuff - very large healing absorb shield within 5 yards

- fire lick debuff - AoE ticking damage within 5 yards

- water lick debuff - stuns players within 5 yards


Boss will do a charge. jumps in the corner, runs down 1 side of room and back down the other side. stand in middle of room - charge will kill you if you stand in it.

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