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re: App: Owlcatx

The application submitted by Owlcatx is as follows:

Name : Owlcat
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : US - Shattered Hand
Level : 110
Gender : Female
Faction : Horde
Race : Troll
Class : Druid
Spec 1 : Feral
Spec 2 : Guardian

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

We raid Tues/Thurs from 8 pm-11pm EST. Can you make those raid times? :


List the last 3 guilds that you were apart of and why you left.:
<Cool it Bro> Legion - guild has died; <Redfrex> WoD - guild died; <Bulk Loose Gaming> MoP - I moved to the US from Australia

What is your level of experience with the current raid tier?:
3/7 M, 1/3 H

What is your past raid experience? (only required to list through Cataclysm but the more the better):
BC: Up to Eredar Twins; WotLK: Ream First Death's Demise; ToGC Insanity 10 + 25; Cleared Heroic ICC - Cata: 7/7 H FL, 8/8 H DS (6/8 @ 0%, 8/8 @ 5%) - MoP: 6/6 H MSV, 4/6 H HoF, 1/4 H ToES, 10/14 H SoO: WoD: 6/7 M HM, 7/10 M BRF, 2/13 M HFC (stopped raiding)

Is this the only character you have raided with?:
No, I tanked on a Prot Warrior in WoD

Class Knowledge

How long have you played the class and spec that you are apply with?:
Switched to Feral in Legion, but have played druid since BC

List the 3 most important stats for your class/spec in order of priority.:
Currently Vers > Crit ~= Mastery > Haste

Are you proficient with any other specs or classes?:
I am pretty comfortable tanking on Druid/DH/Warrior

Do you run any of your own theory crafting or do you view/read any websites to stay up to date with class changes?:
I use simcraft to get my stat weights and chat on the druid discord

Some personal stuff

How old are you?:

Do you attend school? (where at?, what for?) Or are you a working man/woman (what do you do?)?:
Software developer

Do you have any other hobbies outside of WoW?:
Netflix, Movies, Other games, coding

You're almost done!

Do you have any parses to link for us to view?:

Do you have any objections to rotating with other players?:
Not at all

What is your battletag information so that we may contact you?:

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