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re: App: Fyrsta

The application submitted by Fyrsta is as follows:

Name : Medpak
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : US - Shattered Hand
Level : 110
Gender : Male
Faction : Horde
Race : Undead
Class : Priest
Spec 1 : Discipline
Spec 2 : Hybrid

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

We raid Tues/Thurs from 8 pm-11pm EST. Can you make those raid times? :


List the last 3 guilds that you were apart of and why you left.:
Raided in Uncontrolled back in BC as a shadow priest. After BC I took breaks here and there from wow and didn't really raid much until Legion. Currently I'm raiding as Disc for Citadel, due to the casual nature of the guild I feel we will continue to hit walls with progression.

What is your level of experience with the current raid tier?:
I have completed 2/7 M EN, 2/7 H ToV, and 6/10 NH.

What is your past raid experience? (only required to list through Cataclysm but the more the better):
Raided in BC up to Sunwell, most people quit or left after killing Illidan. Did casual raiding with friends in the other expansions except WoD.

Is this the only character you have raided with?:
No, I have done some minor raiding on a Rogue, Prot Pally, and Hunter. But my heart will always belong to my priest.

Class Knowledge

How long have you played the class and spec that you are apply with?:
I've played priest since BC as shadow, but dabbled with Disc and holy throughout the lifetime of WoW. I've been maining Disc since the release of Legion.

List the 3 most important stats for your class/spec in order of priority.:
Int > Haste > Master/Crit (depending on Raid/Dungeon)

Are you proficient with any other specs or classes?:
I'm proficient with Shadow, but I am willing to learn Holy if need be.

Do you run any of your own theory crafting or do you view/read any websites to stay up to date with class changes?:
I do read updates/changes made to Priests either on the WoW priest forums, priest discord, and forums.

Some personal stuff

How old are you?:

Do you attend school? (where at?, what for?) Or are you a working man/woman (what do you do?)?:
Finished with school and work full time as a software developer.

Do you have any other hobbies outside of WoW?:
I play in a co-ed soccer league with my wife on the weekends.

You're almost done!

Do you have any parses to link for us to view?:

Do you have any objections to rotating with other players?:

What is your battletag information so that we may contact you?:

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